Xavier at Ocean City June 2023

In this uplifting video, we witness a heartfelt exchange between Mike Barko and Xavier in Ocean City. Xavier expresses his gratitude for the wonderful presentation of the Gospel shared by Mike, acknowledging how it brought clarity and understanding like never before. Through a thoughtful discussion, Xavier realizes the significance of God's grace and how none of us are truly good without Him. Mike's illustration of different denominations of Christianity, using the analogy of ice cream flavors, resonates with Xavier, emphasizing the unity in the core message of the Gospel. Xavier's heart is filled with joy and appreciation as he learns about the unifying power of the Gospel, irrespective of denominations. The encounter with Mike has deepened his faith and brought him a sense of peace and clarity. Join us in celebrating this inspiring encounter and the impact of sharing the Gospel with others. Let's spread this message of unity and love, and encourage more meaningful conversations about faith. #SharingTheGospel #InspiringEncounter #UnityInFaith #GodsLove #ImpactOfFaith


Mike Barko

6/24/20231 min read