Tyler (VID_20130410)C.S.

In this video, Tyler S. Curry shares his experience of meeting Mike Barko in downtown Harrisonburg, Virginia. Tyler describes how this encounter has brought him new information and a sense of empowerment regarding his faith in Jesus Christ. Tyler goes on to explain the significance of the colors on the bracelet Mike shared with him: gold representing the heavenly streets, black symbolizing sins on Earth, red symbolizing Jesus's blood, white as a receipt for the payment in full, and green signifying growth. He expresses the importance of memorizing these symbols and how they have positively impacted him. When asked about his confidence in going to heaven on a scale from zero to 100, Tyler confidently responds with 100. He attributes this certainty to God paying for his sins. Lastly, he describes how he feels good about this newfound understanding and faith. This video highlights a transformative encounter with Mike Barko, where Tyler learned about the gospel and found a renewed sense of faith and assurance in his salvation through Jesus Christ.


4/10/20131 min read