In this touching video, Mike Barko engages in a heartfelt conversation with Tonya and John about the Gospel of Jesus and the path to eternal life. Mike starts by using a color-coded approach to make the discussion accessible. He gently asks Tonya and John about their certainty of going to heaven if they were to pass away today. Tonya expresses a 70% certainty, while John admits to being at 10%. Mike acknowledges their answers and proceeds to share the message of salvation. He utilizes a verse from the Bible (1 John 5:13) to emphasize that God wants believers to be 100% sure of their eternal life. He then delves into the concept of sin, explaining that everyone has sinned and giving examples like lying, stealing, and harboring hatred or bitterness. The conversation evolves into Mike illustrating the importance of recognizing Jesus' payment for our sins on the cross. He emphasizes that salvation comes from faith in Jesus alone, not from trying to add one's own efforts or goodness. This leads to an understanding that God is satisfied with Jesus' sacrifice, and the receipt for this payment is the resurrection. Mike skillfully guides Tonya and John to the realization that they can trust solely in Jesus' payment for their sins, which leads to purification of the heart by faith. He clarifies that one's own works, such as honoring and obeying, do not add to Jesus' payment. The video concludes with a beautiful moment where Tonya and John express their belief in Jesus as their Savior and their satisfaction with His blood payment. They understand that they now have eternal life through faith in Jesus Christ alone. Throughout the conversation, Mike patiently and compassionately helps Tonya and John understand the Gospel message and assures them of the certainty of their salvation. This video serves as a reminder of the power of faith and the simplicity of the Gospel's message, offering hope and encouragement to viewers.


9/27/20131 min read