TONY & JOE 2012 08 07 A C F

Augusta County Fair 2012. Tony was initially 80-85% sure of heaven because he went to church, and grew up as a Christian. Tony believed that if he 'prayed more' and 'witnessed more' he could get to 100% sure. Joe was 90% sure of heaven because he 'gave back to Christ', went to church and prayed. He believed he could get to 100% by going to church more, praying more, and giving more. When I asked both of them how they could pay for their sins, they said three things: 'repent, ask for forgiveness, and confess'. I explained to them that these three things did not pay for their sins. Yes, God desires repentance, and yes God wants to forgive them, and yes, God wants them to admit that they sinned, but none of these things can pay for their sins. After using the dessert illustration, Tony and Joe understood that by them trying to pay for their sins they were saying that Jesus' blood wasn't 'good enough'. Both did not want to do this. I used the resurrection to help them transfer their trust from their payment to Christ's payment. After prayer, both Tony and Joe professed to be 100% sure of eternal life because they 'believed in Jesus'. Tony's testimony was that Jesus just forgave them.


8/7/20121 min read