In this touching video filmed by Mike Barko in Ocean City, Maryland, we witness two remarkable individuals, Tommy and Marcus, sharing their life-changing experiences of encountering the Gospel message. Tommy, his voice filled with gratitude and love, introduces himself and expresses how Mr. Mike opened his eyes to the profound truth that Jesus willingly sacrificed Himself on the cross for his salvation. With a heart brimming with love and thankfulness, Tommy declares that he is now saved and ready to trust in God wholeheartedly. Marcus, following Tommy's testimony, introduces himself and candidly shares his personal journey. He confesses that before meeting Mike, he struggled to fully trust in God and often felt burdened by his perceived imperfections. Marcus then had a powerful realization that none of us are perfect, only God is, and that breaking God's rules doesn't make one a bad person. He expresses his joy and relief at finding salvation today, thanks to Mike's guidance. Both Tommy and Marcus convey their newfound faith and trust in God, celebrating the transformation and redemption they have experienced. Their hearts are filled with joy, love, and gratitude for this life-changing encounter. The video concludes with their enthusiastic consent to have it used for the glory of God, signifying their commitment to their newfound faith and the love they have discovered. This video is a testament to the incredible impact of the Gospel message, reminding us of the transformative power of faith, redemption, and God's unending love.


7/22/20201 min read