In this touching video, we witness Mike Barko sharing the gospel of Jesus with three individuals, Tim, Amanda, and Wanda, in downtown Harrisonburg, Virginia. Tim, Amanda, and Wanda are engaged in a conversation about God's love. Tim passionately expresses his belief in God's love, emphasizing how much it means to him. Amanda chimes in, expressing her gratitude for the salvation she has found through Jesus. The atmosphere is filled with a sense of wonder and gratitude. Mike encourages them, assuring them that it's okay not to have all the right words to express their feelings about what Jesus has done for them. He provides a supportive and guiding presence in their spiritual journey. The heartfelt exchange in this video showcases the power of faith and the transformative impact of God's love. Tim, Amanda, and Wanda's testimonies reflect their deep connection to their faith and their understanding of Jesus' love for them. The video concludes with a warm and heartfelt prayer, asking for God's blessings and guidance on their spiritual journeys. In summary, this video captures a beautiful moment of shared faith and gratitude, reminding us of the profound impact of God's love in people's lives. It is a testament to the importance of community and spiritual support in one's journey of faith.


6/24/20151 min read