THE BIG GIVE 2012 12 08

In this video by Mike Barko, he engages with a live audience in a lively and interactive manner. He encourages the audience to move forward and stand near a red brick area to create a sense of connection and engagement. Mike begins with some playful and humorous questions, such as asking the audience to spell words like "silk" and "poke" and posing riddles and jokes to lighten the mood and create a sense of unity among the audience. He then transitions to more serious questions, asking the audience about their level of certainty regarding their salvation and eternal life. Mike uses relatable analogies and relatable scenarios to convey the importance of faith in Jesus Christ and the assurance of salvation. Throughout the video, Mike emphasizes the significance of being satisfied with Jesus' sacrifice and not attempting to earn salvation through one's own efforts. He uses the concept of a receipt and the resurrection as evidence of the completeness of Jesus' payment for our sins. The video concludes with a call to accept Jesus as their Savior and a reminder of the importance of faith and trust in His sacrifice. Overall, this video combines humor, audience engagement, and a clear message of faith in Jesus Christ for salvation, making it an engaging and impactful presentation for the audience.


12/8/20121 min read