TED (VID_20130417)C.S.

In this video, we see Ted sharing his experience of encountering Mike Barko and the profound impact it had on his faith. Ted begins by mentioning that he met Mike just a week ago and during their conversation, he found himself drawn to discussions about God. Before meeting Mike, Ted admits that he wasn't very sure about his faith, but now he feels a sense of peace in his heart. Mike explained the significance of the colors in the conversation, highlighting the white as the receipt, symbolizing that his sins are paid in full through Jesus Christ's sacrifice. Ted also mentions the importance of the blood, representing the atoning work of Jesus, and the green for growth in faith. When asked about his assurance of salvation on a scale from zero to 100, Ted's response is a remarkable transformation. He states that he was at zero before, but now he's at 100, showcasing a newfound confidence in his faith. Ted attributes this change to the understanding that Jesus paid for his sins, which he describes as powerful. Ted's testimony illustrates the impact of meaningful conversations about faith and how they can lead to a profound shift in one's beliefs and assurance in their salvation through Jesus Christ.


4/17/20131 min read