STEPHANIE BEN 2012 09 08 P D

Ben professed to be 'pretty positive' that he had eternal life because he was a Christian. He was not able to tell me why he was 'pretty positive' other than the fact that he had a 'good feeling'. Stephanie said she was 95% sure of eternal life and was not sure how to get to 100%. Ben and Stephanie thought that by saying 'Please forgive me', God would forgive them. They weren't trusting the blood payment to pay for their sins. They were trusting, 'please forgive me' to pay for their sins. They understood that by trying to pay for their sins, they were telling God that Jesus blood was not 'good enough'. After hearing the gospel, both professed to be 100% sure of eternal life because of Christ alone. Stephanie said, "He forgave me and my heart feels a little lighter."


9/8/20121 min read