In this powerful video, Mike Barko shares the Gospel with students at James Madison University. He engages in a deep and thought-provoking conversation with the students, challenging their understanding of good and bad, sin, and salvation. The video starts with a discussion about the nature of good and bad deeds, gradually leading to a profound exploration of biblical concepts like hatred, adultery, and lying. Mike Barko skillfully guides the students through a series of questions, highlighting the contrast between human imperfection and God's perfect standard. He emphasizes that no one is truly good in God's eyes and that everyone falls short of His glory. Throughout the conversation, Mike Barko draws the students' attention to their need for a Savior and their inability to save themselves. He emphasizes the significance of putting their trust in Jesus Christ, who took their place on the cross, bore their sins, and made it possible for them to receive forgiveness and eternal life. The video is a compelling reminder of the grace and love of God, as well as the importance of faith in Jesus as the only means of salvation. It encourages viewers to reflect on their own beliefs and consider the profound message of the Gospel.


4/18/20221 min read