SIMPLY BELIEVE & REST PART#1 & 2 2012 10 30

In this powerful video, Mike Barko passionately preaches about the significance of simply believing and resting in God's promises. He begins by addressing the current state of the world, filled with negativity and issues, and how even Christians may be lacking the joy they should possess. He emphasizes the importance of understanding the gospel and returning to its simplicity. Mike shares his experiences of speaking to thousands of people, revealing that many Christians do not truly believe or comprehend the gospel. He suggests that most of his problems as a Christian stem from his failure to grasp the simple gospel message. Referencing passages from the Bible, Mike highlights Abraham as the father of faith who, by simply believing God's promises, was declared righteous. He underscores the idea that God's promises are not conditional on human actions, but rather on faith and trust in God's ability to fulfill them. The video emphasizes the covenant between God and Abraham, where God alone walks through the sacrificed animals, signifying that the fulfillment of the covenant is solely dependent on God. Abraham, symbolically resting or trusting in God, did not need to participate in this covenant walk. Mike encourages viewers to embrace this concept of resting in God's promises, explaining that resting and believing are synonymous. He reminds the audience that entering God's rest is pivotal for a Christian's peace and joy. Drawing from Hebrews 4, Mike explains how unbelief can prevent individuals from entering into God's rest, using the example of the Israelites who wandered in the wilderness for 40 years due to their lack of faith and rest in God. The video concludes with a call to action, urging listeners to embrace the rest that God offers by simply believing in His promises and trusting that He will fulfill them. It emphasizes that God wants His people to find happiness and contentment in Him through resting in faith. Overall, this video sermon by Mike Barko is a passionate and compelling call for Christians to return to the simplicity of believing in God's promises and finding rest in Him, emphasizing that God's faithfulness does not depend on human efforts but solely on His grace and power.


10/30/20121 min read