SHINEA VID20130522)C.S.

Shinea was 50% sure of eternal life saying, "I have asked God to forgive me. I keep asking over and over again, but I keep messing up over and over again. I explained to Shinea that her REAL PROBLEM was in the heart. Her heart problem (SIN) was giving rise to behavior problems (SINS). Shinea gave me permission to share the gospel with her. She, like Kevin, was 'VERY CONCERNED' about the penalty for her sins being hell. Like Kevin, Shinea was TRYING TO PAY for her sins, instead of TRUSTING CHRIST. I said, "God rose Jesus because He is already SATISFIED that His blood paid for your sins." I paused to let it sink in. Shinea eagerly responed, "SO, WHAT DO I NEED TO DO?" I explained, "BE SATISFIED with the blood like GOD IS. PUT YOUR FAITH IN THE BLOOD." Shinea understood the gospel, professed Christ alone, and prayed with me: "HE SAVED ME. I AM 100% SURE OF ETERNAL LIFE. I HAVE BEEN TO CHURCH ALL OF MY LIFE AND I HAVE NEVER HEARD THIS BEFORE. I NEEDED THIS SO MUCH! HONESTLY, I HAVE ASKED FOR FORGIVENESS SO MUCH THAT I BELIEVED GOD WAS NO LONGER GOING TO FORGIVE ME. NOW I KNOW THAT CHRIST BLOOD HAS ALREADY PAID SO I AM FORGIVEN! THANK YOU! I then offered Shinea a BEGINNING AGAIN book by D. James Kennedy. She said, "Hey, Kevin was reading this book earlier! (I had given him the book to read.) She explained that she wasn't a very big reader, and so probably would not read the book. Well, I knew she was waiting for Kevin to come out of court, so I handed her the book and asked her to read to me. SHE DID! She sat down next to me on the chair and SHE READ the entire first chapter!


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