In this powerful and moving video by Mike Barko, we are introduced to Amira, a young woman who shares her profound transformation and spiritual awakening. Amira begins by revealing her journey, stating that she came into this conversation with a mindset of self-reliance, placing trust in herself rather than in God. Her honesty sets the tone for a deeply introspective and heartfelt discussion. As Amira continues to speak, her vulnerability and openness shine through. She describes how this conversation with Mike has allowed her to experience a spiritual rebirth on November 18th. She acknowledges her past mindset, which was centered on self-trust, and how it has now shifted to placing unwavering faith in God. She openly admits to her own shortcomings as a sinner and recognizes that she is not the person she might have portrayed herself to be, even when it comes to materialistic and positive aspects of her life. The emotional depth of Amira's revelation becomes evident as she shares that her heart feels truly open, and she admits to shedding tears during this profound moment of self-discovery. Her gratitude for God's sacrifice in dying for her sins is palpable, and she expresses her eternal thankfulness for this divine act of love. Mike Barko's gentle and supportive approach allows Amira to express her newfound faith and certainty. He asks her how sure she is now, and Amira responds with unwavering confidence, stating that she is "a hundred and ten percent sure." This demonstrates the profound impact of their conversation on her faith and her life. Amira closes with a heartfelt thank you, expressing her gratitude for the opportunity to have this conversation. Her appreciation reflects the transformative power of faith and the importance of open dialogue in matters of the heart and soul. Overall, this video by Mike Barko is a touching and inspirational testament to the journey of faith and personal transformation. Amira's story serves as a reminder of the power of God's love and the potential for spiritual rebirth when one places their trust in Him. It's a video filled with authenticity, vulnerability, and deep gratitude, leaving viewers with a profound message of faith and hope.


12/11/20211 min read