In this profound video by Mike Barko, we are introduced to Shoshanni, who shares her spiritual journey and newfound understanding of faith and surrender. Shoshanni begins by expressing her desire to do what is right and to follow the path of trust in God. She emphasizes that the only way to the right path is to place complete trust in Jesus and what He did for her on the cross. She acknowledges that her efforts to do good on her own were in vain, and she came to the realization that she cannot achieve salvation through her own actions, no matter how hard she tries. With deep conviction, Shoshanni expresses that she can do absolutely nothing without God, and this understanding has led her to a place of surrender. She emphasizes that her justification comes solely from the love of the Father through His Son and the shedding of Jesus' blood to pay for her sins. Shoshanni recognizes that it's not her deeds but the sacrifice of Christ that justifies her. As the conversation unfolds, Mike highlights the significance of Shoshanni's surrender to God's work. He explains that by fully surrendering to God's work, she has placed herself in a position to receive His guidance and leading, which she had sought before. This surrender sets her free from the torment of trying to do better on her own. Shoshanni describes the profound transformation she has experienced, feeling incredibly happy, free, and light. She expresses her love for God and the clarity she now has in her life, which was previously clouded by her own efforts. The conversation between Mike and Shoshanni highlights the essence of faith and surrender. Shoshanni's journey demonstrates that by surrendering to God's work and trusting in Christ's sacrifice, one can find true freedom and experience the transformative power of faith. The video concludes with a heartfelt prayer, thanking the Lord for His work and the newfound understanding that Shoshanni has embraced. Her story serves as a testament to the beauty of surrendering to God's grace and the profound peace and joy that follow such surrender.


7/24/20211 min read