In this heartfelt video captured by Mike Barko in downtown Harrisonburg, we witness a powerful encounter between Amy Roberts and the Gospel of Christ. Amy begins by sharing her initial skepticism when she passed by two individuals sitting outside, initially dismissing the encounter as just another instance of hearing about Christianity. However, something compelled her to stop and engage in conversation with them as she returned from the courthouse. Amy speaks openly about the personal battles she has been facing, expressing her weariness and a profound desire for change. She articulates her readiness to relinquish her struggles and embrace a new path under God's guidance, a path that offers relief from stress, tears, and burdens. She expresses her gratitude towards the gentlemen (Mike Barko) who stopped her, acknowledging the significant impact this conversation has had on her. Amy's journey to this encounter involves a trip from South Carolina to Harrisonburg, highlighting the profound importance of this moment in her life. When asked about her feelings, Amy describes an overwhelming sensation of excitement and relief, emphasizing that she knows everything will work out under God's guidance. Her heart is filled with anticipation and joy, a stark contrast to the burdens she carried before. As Mike Barko guides her through a series of questions about her faith, Amy expresses her newfound trust in God and her deep belief in Christ's role in her salvation. She describes her transformation as profound, moving from a state of uncertainty to a high level of assurance regarding her place in heaven. The video concludes with Amy's reflection on how everything now makes sense to her. She acknowledges that this encounter has given her a new heart and that she is prepared to carry it forward on her journey. Amy's story serves as a testament to the life-changing power of faith and the transformative impact of encountering the Gospel of Christ. It is a beautiful illustration of how a simple conversation can lead to a profound change in perspective and a newfound sense of hope and purpose.


12/10/20191 min read