Sarah VID 20131121J M U

In this video, Sarah, a student at James Madison University, shares her experience of encountering Mike Barko and his message about Jesus. She initially had reservations about engaging in such discussions, given the multitude of messages she's heard before. However, after her encounter with Mike, she had a dream where she felt a divine confirmation that the message of Jesus was true and filled with love. In her dream, she felt a prompting to receive this message into her life and to appreciate people like Mike who share it. Sarah returns to express her gratitude to Mike for his efforts in spreading the message of love and truth. She acknowledges that when Mike speaks, it carries a significant impact, but when God communicates, it carries eternal value. The video ends with words of appreciation and affirmation for Mike's work in sharing the Gospel of Jesus. Sarah's heartfelt testimony reflects the profound impact that Mike's message had on her and the confirmation she received through her dream.


11/23/20131 min read