In this engaging and insightful video, Mike Barko shares the Gospel of Jesus with Sarah and Phil using a creative and interactive approach. Mike begins by playfully asking Sarah and Phil a series of lighthearted questions, like "What do cows drink?" and "What's the white part of the egg?" to break the ice and set a friendly tone. He then introduces them to a color-coded bracelet, with each color representing a different aspect of the Gospel message. Mike explains that gold symbolizes the streets of gold in heaven, sparking curiosity. Next, Mike asks Sarah and Phil to rate their certainty of going to heaven on a scale of 0 to 100. Sarah and Phil both express a high level of confidence, with Sarah at 100 and Phil at "pretty sure." Mike then shares a key Bible verse, 1 John 5:13, emphasizing the importance of knowing that one has eternal life. He asks them how sure they are of their salvation after explaining the verse, and they both indicate a high level of certainty. The conversation takes a more serious turn as Mike discusses sin, using the dark color on the bracelet as a visual representation. He asks them about lying, lusting, and harboring hatred in their hearts, illustrating how these actions make us sinners. Mike skillfully guides them through the idea that we are all sinners deserving of punishment. He emphasizes that trying to pay for our sins with good deeds won't work and that the punishment for sin is hell. The pivotal moment arrives when Mike explains that Jesus' blood, symbolized by the red color, has already paid for their sins. He encourages them to be satisfied with Jesus' payment and not try to add their own goodness. The white color on the bracelet represents the resurrection, and Mike highlights the importance of Jesus' resurrection as evidence of His victory over sin and death. After a comprehensive discussion, Mike revisits the initial question about their certainty of going to heaven. Both Sarah and Phil express a higher level of confidence, having grasped the concept of Jesus' atonement and the sufficiency of His blood. In the end, Mike prays with them, guiding them to accept Jesus as their Savior, expressing their satisfaction with His payment, and thanking Him for eternal life. This video captures a powerful moment of spiritual transformation as Sarah and Phil gain a deeper understanding of salvation and accept Jesus into their hearts. It serves as a reminder of the importance of effective and relatable evangelism in sharing the Gospel message.


9/21/20131 min read