Sara JMU

In this heartwarming video by Mike Barko, he engages in a candid and meaningful conversation with Sara at JMU while sharing the Gospel. The conversation begins with light-hearted banter about dogs and relationships, setting a comfortable and friendly atmosphere. Mike tactfully transitions into discussing faith and eternity. Sara openly shares her background in a Christian family but emphasizes her critical thinking and occasional doubts. She expresses her desire to do the right thing in life, especially concerning her faith. Mike takes a thought-provoking approach by questioning Sara's confidence in her salvation, which leads to a deep reflection on her beliefs and self-assessment. Sara admits her imperfections, citing moments of doubt and the need for guidance. The conversation turns to the importance of acknowledging one's shortcomings and the concept of justice in God's eyes. Mike skillfully draws parallels between human experiences, like receiving a fine for a traffic violation, and God's justice. He highlights that just as someone else paid her traffic fine, Jesus paid the penalty for her sins on the cross. Sara's understanding grows, leading her to recognize her need for a Savior. She acknowledges her trust in God and her willingness to surrender to Him. In a heartfelt moment, Sara makes a life-changing decision to accept Jesus as her Savior, embracing the promise of eternal life. This video captures a genuine and moving encounter where Mike Barko's compassionate and patient approach helps Sara find faith and hope in Jesus Christ. It showcases the transformative power of the Gospel message and the beauty of personal salvation.


5/2/20221 min read