SANDY (VID_20130416)A.T.

In this video, Sandy shares her experience of encountering Mike Barko and how it has deeply affected her faith and assurance of salvation. Sandy explains that she noticed Mike's truck at their apartment complex and was curious about his work. She remembered seeing his contact information on his truck and decided to reach out to him. Mike then engaged in a conversation with her, during which he shared a bracelet that represents the Gospel message. Before this encounter, Sandy says she was around 90% sure about her salvation and whether she would go to heaven. However, after talking to Mike and understanding the significance of the colors on the bracelet, especially the blood and the receipt symbolizing Jesus's satisfaction, her assurance in her salvation has soared to 100%. Sandy expresses that her heart feels wonderful now, and she emphasizes the joy and fulfillment that believing in Jesus and witnessing to others brings into her life. This video serves as a testament to the transformative power of faith and the impact of conversations about the Gospel in strengthening one's beliefs and assurance in Christ.


4/16/20131 min read