In this powerful video captured by Mike Barko in downtown Harrisonburg, we witness a transformative moment in Sam Thomas's life as he encounters the Gospel message of Christ. Sam introduces himself and shares the reason for his visit to downtown Harrisonburg, which was initially to pay a ticket. He candidly reveals that he wasn't feeling particularly enthusiastic about being there. However, something within him, he attributes to the Lord's guidance, compelled him to attend this particular moment. As Sam was leaving, he was offered a bracelet and engaged in a conversation with Mike. During this exchange, he was profoundly impacted by the powerful testimony and message shared with him. Sam expresses how this encounter has purified his heart, cleared his mind, and instilled in him a new and unwavering focus on God. He describes the overwhelming emotions of excitement, joy, love, and peace that have filled his heart. Sam testifies that he now places 100 percent of his trust in God, marking a significant shift in his faith and perspective. He acknowledges that this divine encounter occurred at precisely the right place and the right time, underscoring the providential nature of the moment. The video concludes with Sam expressing his gratitude for receiving this life-altering message and his newfound trust in God. Both Mike and Sam emphasize their love for each other and their shared love for God. This video serves as a moving testament to the transformative power of the Gospel, illustrating how a chance encounter can profoundly impact and redirect one's life toward faith, hope, and salvation.


1/14/20201 min read