Sam At Ocean City, Maryland

In this heartwarming video, join Mike Barko as he records an enthusiastic street preacher, Sam, as he pumps up the crowd and spreads the love and excitement for Jesus in downtown Ocean City. Witness the energy and passion as Sam encourages the audience to cheer for Jesus and embrace His message of love and salvation. Amidst applause and cheers, Sam reminds everyone that Jesus loves each and every one of them and wants them to experience the joy of being in His presence. He calls on his fellow Brothers and Sisters in Christ to let their light shine and be a positive influence on others, fulfilling the command of Jesus to go and make disciples. Throughout the video, Sam engages with the crowd, building connections and sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. He encourages others to brighten their corners and reach out to people in their communities with love and joy. Witness the power of unity and faith as the crowd joins in, cheering for Jesus and spreading a message of hope and love. The video captures the essence of embracing the joy and grace of Christ and sharing it with others. Join us in celebrating this uplifting encounter with Sam and Mike Barko as they embody the spirit of Christian love and enthusiasm. Let's share this video to inspire others to share the message of Jesus and spread joy in their communities. #SpreadingJoyForJesus #ChristianLove #EnthusiasticEncounter #FaithInAction #SharingTheGospel #OceanCity


Mike Barko

6/8/20231 min read