SALVATION LUNCHEON PART1, 2, & 3 2013 02 17 A S B

In this video by Mike Barko, he introduces himself as the president of "Communities for Christ," a non-profit ministry dedicated to serving the local church and spreading the message of salvation through Jesus Christ. He acknowledges Pastor Rodney and the church for the opportunity to share his ministry's mission with the congregation. Mike uses engaging questions, humor, and audience participation to create an interactive atmosphere. He starts with a series of playful questions like "spell silk," "what's a cow's drink," and "what's the white part of an egg" to lighten the mood and establish a connection with the audience. The main focus of the video is to convey the essential message of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ. Mike asks the congregation to rate their certainty of going to heaven on a scale of 0 to 100 and encourages them to write down their answers on cards. He introduces the concept of sin and emphasizes that no human effort or good deeds can pay for it. He uses the analogy of buying dessert to illustrate that salvation cannot be earned but is a gift paid for by Jesus' blood on the cross. Mike stresses the importance of being satisfied with Jesus' payment for sins and not trying to add one's own efforts to it. He uses the resurrection as proof that God is fully satisfied with Jesus' sacrifice. The video concludes with a prayer of salvation, where the congregation is invited to accept Jesus as their Savior and express their satisfaction with His payment for their sins. Overall, this video presents a dynamic and engaging way to communicate the message of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ. Mike Barko uses humor and relatable examples to make the message accessible to the audience, aiming to touch hearts and inspire faith in those watching.


2/17/20131 min read