In this video by Mike Barko, we find a heartwarming and inspiring moment during a Bible study gathering. The video features several individuals who are part of the study group, including Moe, Shani, Karen, Dee, and Chris. Moe, the initial speaker in the video, shares a light-hearted greeting and expresses his love for his fellow group members. Shani responds with a warm smile. Karen and Dee are also present, and their presence adds to the sense of camaraderie and community within the Bible study group. The focus of the video then shifts to Chris, who shares a remarkable testimony. Chris recounts an encounter with Mike that occurred approximately a week before Christmas. During this encounter, Chris made a profound decision to give his life to Christ. He shares how, since that moment, he has experienced a remarkable improvement in his health. Chris mentions that he has transitioned from needing four liters of oxygen to only requiring two liters when he's walking around. His testimony is met with resounding "amens" and cheers from the group. Mike, who invited Chris to the Bible study, is praised for his role in Chris's journey to faith. The group expresses their gratitude and excitement through joyful chants of "hip hip hooray" and "hallelujah," creating an atmosphere of celebration and faith. The video captures the essence of a close-knit spiritual community coming together to support one another and celebrate the transformative power of faith. It serves as a reminder of the importance of sharing one's testimony and experiences with others to inspire and uplift those around us.


1/5/20191 min read