In this video recorded by Mike Barko, we witness a powerful encounter with a man named Ryan, where the Gospel of Christ is shared and received with open hearts. Ryan introduces himself, sharing his newfound understanding of the Gospel. He expresses how Mike helped him realize that Jesus has already taken the punishment for all of his sins, a concept he hadn't fully grasped before. This revelation has shifted his perspective from trying to save himself through his actions to wholeheartedly trusting in Jesus for salvation. The video captures the essence of Ryan's gratitude and newfound openness to God's love and grace. He acknowledges that this awakening has made his heart feel more open and grateful to God, an affirmation of his faith. Ryan's desire now is to continue trusting Jesus throughout his life and to share this newfound perspective with others, emphasizing the importance of spreading the message of salvation. Mike, the person who shared the Gospel with Ryan, shares his thoughts on the divine intervention that brought them together. He recognizes that certain encounters are orchestrated by God, leading people to salvation. The video closes with Mike expressing love for Ryan and the assurance that God loves him. Ryan grants permission for the video to be used, underscoring the importance of sharing these faith-filled moments as a source of inspiration and hope for others. This video serves as a touching reminder of the profound impact that sharing the Gospel can have on someone's life, leading them to a deeper understanding of God's love and grace.


10/14/20191 min read