Rob shares the Gospel on court square, May 24th 2023

In this inspiring video, we follow Rob as he shares the gospel with a young couple in Court Square, downtown Harrisonburg, Virginia. Rob explains the significance of each color on the bracelet from Christian Farmers of Virginia that represents a simple way of explaining the Gospel. The young couple expresses their gratitude for Rob's presentation, which brought clarity and understanding about the gospel, even more than their past encounters with pastors and Bible studies. They discuss the importance of faith and trust in God and how it impacts their lives. Through a thoughtful discussion on the Ten Commandments, Rob highlights how we all fall short and have sinned. However, he emphasizes the profound love of God, who sent Jesus to pay the price for our sins, leading to forgiveness and eternal life. They touch on the importance of fellowship, prayer, and trust in God during life's challenges. Rob shares his prayer for the young couple, asking for God's blessing and guidance in their lives. Witness this powerful encounter as they pray together, seeking God's grace and wisdom. Rob extends an invitation to his church, where they can experience the love of God among a community of believers. Join us in celebrating this heartwarming encounter and the powerful message of God's love and salvation. Let's share this video to inspire others to learn about the gospel and trust in God's incredible plan for their lives. #SharingTheGospel #HarrisonburgVirginia #GodsLove #TrustInGod #EternalLife #InspiringEncounter


Mike Barko

5/24/20231 min read