Rob Shares The Gospel

Rob Shares The Gospel

Mike Barko shares his experiences from a day of Gospel sharing on the Downtown Court Square in Harrisonburg, Virginia. Rob Gilmer's moving presentation of the Gospel, captured in a video, demonstrates his tenderness and compassion for people. Mike's encounters include moments of humility, challenging conversations, and profound transformations. Despite challenges and differing beliefs, individuals like Colton, Noah, Sydney, David, Sandra, Sandos, Gracie, Anthony, and Amy were touched by the power of the Gospel. Mike's heartfelt reflections highlight the impact of sharing God's love and truth.


Mike Barko

6/19/20236 min read

Greetings Beloved:

I just returned home from eight days of sharing the Gospel at Ocean City. Details in the near future, Lord willing.

For now, I would like to share the day from Wednesday, May 24th on court square here in Harrisonburg, Va. I hope you enjoy.


Rob Gilmer serves as one of our board members. He also serves as a chaplain at the local hospital and is the associate pastor of Dayspring Church of the Nazarene in Mt. Crawford Va. Rob shares the Gospel with many at the hospital who are near the end of their lives.

More than all of that, Rob is a dear friend and accountability partner. I have learned much from Rob, not the least of which is the special tenderness that he exhibits towards people.

Here is a full Gospel presentation presented by Rob with a picture of the two with whom he shared:


Grant and Colton were two college students from J.M.U. Grant initially told me that he was 100% sure of going to Heaven and then left to go to his car. That left me with Colton, who said he 'didn't believe', but gave me permission to share.

Colton was actually getting drawn into the presentation, when Grant came back and really began to get upset with me. The issue had to do with the divinity of Christ.

He said something like...

'I don't know what religion you are but I am a Baptist. (I think he even said that his dad was a pastor). Jesus is not God, he is the Son of God. I know what my bible says and I am saved.'

All I was doing was having them read John 1:1 and John 1:14. Grant really was getting irritated. I did not get upset or defend myself. I usually ask permission to continue when someone gets irritated, but for Colton's sake, I did not.

The more I humbled myself, the more he attacked me. Little did I know that the Spirit was working the whole time in Grant's heart. Keep reading to see what Colton said at the end.

Sometimes our part is to take the vomit. People just need to get it out.

At the end, things were completely different. Something had changed. They both were very nice to me and thanked me for sharing with them.

The biggest surprise came when we prayed. I prayed, and then I asked Colton if he wanted to tell the Lord anything. Remember, he said initially that he did not believe.

Colton prayed two short words...

'I accept.'

Maybe the Spirit works best when we are quiet and just humble ourselves under His mighty hand. Amen and thank you Jesus.


Noah and Sydney immediately recognized me...

'You shared with us earlier this year at the Highland County Maple Festival.'

Like Colton, Noah initially told me he was 0% sure he would go to Heaven because, 'I am not sure that I believe.'

After hearing the Gospel, Noah wanted to place his trust in Christ as His Savior. We prayed and I asked him if God had done anything for him...

'He did...He reminded me of His love...He saved me...(My heart feels) content...100%...I believe in God and I accept God.'

Sydney also wanted to trust in Christ and prayed...

'He saved me on so many different levels (in the court as well speeding ticket going 90!)...(my heart feels) good with love...100%...because I believe in Him and am thankful for all He has done'

She prayed to God...'Thank you God for saving me on so many different levels...I have great faith in you.'

Noah began speaking of God's providence...he definitely saw the sovereign hand of God in all the circumstances leading up to this day. I believe that is what moved him to profess faith in Christ.



After hearing the Gospel, David wanted to trust in Christ alone and he prayed with me...

'He cleaned me today and made me think about what I've done by making me believe in Him...100%...for believing in Him.'



Sandra came out of the court and told me she was angry with God. Wanting to connect with her, I shared that my dad had passed way last April and that I was struggling to heal as well.

Her eyes lit up with hope and she began to cry.

'How did you know?' (I didn't. I just wanted to identify with her in her struggle. I believe she might have hugged me here.)

Sandra had recently lost her mom when a dump truck had hit her as she was crossing the road. She not only had the grief of losing her mom, but also felt grief thinking she could have done something to prevent it.

I did share the Gospel with Sandra, but this one was more about her needing someone to help release her pain. We really connected well and God put much love in my heart for her this day.

She thanked me at the end and told me...

'I know God put you here for me today. He helped me and took away what was in me before I came.'



Gracie was with her friend Sandos (Muslim). There was a liberty and joy as I shared the Gospel with them. I really was blown away by how Sandos was responding to everything I was sharing. Gracie really seemed to be hanging on my every word.

Muslims don't believe that Jesus is God and also believe that if they repent (be sorry and try to do better) they will get to Heaven.

After sharing the law with Sandos, she actually commented...

'I really like the way you did that.'

She then saw that her being sorry and trying to do better (repenting) would not take care of the sin penalty. I then showed her a picture of Jesus and explained that God had already done that for her.

After explaining more and pointing to the picture of Jesus, she actually acknowledged...

'God died for me...I trust God.'

Gracie wanted to trust in Christ alone and prayed...

' me to Him...well, you did...He made my heart feel faith...a little more the 70's...100%...I have faith in God and don't put faith in myself.'

At the end Sandos told me...'You didn't change my belief.' I am glad that she at least heard the Gospel.


Karen had already gone home after sharing with Anthony. He came by and told me...

'He (God) opened my eyes to a way that I thought (wrong) for so long. I was always afraid of going back to church. After talking to Karen, now I know (the truth).



After hearing the commandments, I asked Amy...

"How many have we broken?"

She responded...

'Yes!...I'm guilty...I'm not (going to Heaven)'

After hearing about Christ, Amy wanted to place her trust in Him alone. During the prayer she was choking back the tears. I then asked if God had done something for her...

'Yes sir...He taught me how to be forgiven for my giving it to God...something I struggle to do...(my heart feels) sure...God.'


I am so very thankful for how God uses us to share the Gospel. I know that God can use you as well. If you ever want to join us, please let us know. I do phone training as well.