Rob Gilmer's Testimony #2

Rob Gilmer's Testimony #2

Mike Barko recounts a poignant encounter with three individuals – Cathy, Britney, and Rosa – who respond identically to crucial questions about salvation. Set on a Wednesday morning in October, the story revolves around these strangers who, despite their differences, share a resounding affirmation: "Yes, I want to be saved." Cathy's journey unfolds as a focal point, revealing her initial uncertainty about her destiny and her belief in her own goodness for salvation. This belief echoes the common sentiment that being good or loved by God will grant entry into heaven. Through empathetic dialogue, Mike guides Cathy toward a deeper understanding of grace and the necessity of God's intervention. The narrative culminates in a transformative moment of prayer, reinforcing the universal theme of redemption and gratitude.


Mike Barko

11/27/20192 min read



Three People with The Same Answer

When you ask three strangers the same question and they give you the same answer can it be just a coincidence? What if you ask two questions and you get the same answers? What if these two questions are the most important questions that you could be asked?


Wednesday morning, October 9th, three people, Cathy, Britney, and Rosa were asked the same two questions and they gave the same two answers. After hearing the gospel all three had the same response, “Yes, I want to be saved.”

This is Cathy’s story. (Pic not available) Cathy is an elderly wheel chair bound woman. She was accompanied by her son and husband. Once I began to share the gospel both men disappeared.

The first important question, “How certain are you that you will go to heaven?” Cathy wasn’t certain at all. She said that she had done a lot of bad things in her life.

I asked her the second important question, “Why would God let you into heaven?” Even though Cathy had done “a lot of bad things” she claimed that she was good and she hoped God would forgive her.

The number one answer people give to why they will go to heaven is they are good. The next most given answer is God loves me closely followed by He forgives me.

So many people try to justify themselves and hope God will approve of their actions and give them eternal life. Cathy was no different.

I asked Cathy if I could share with her how she could be certain that she will go to heaven. She became very emotional and pleadingly said yes.

We went to the Law, the Ten Commandments, and Cathy freely admitted that she was not good and that God alone is good. Cathy had a humble heart and wanted forgiveness.

She accepted that her penalty for sin was spiritual death-hell. I shared the truth of the cross with her and she understood that Jesus died for her as payment for her sins so God could find her not guilty in His courtroom.

During our time together her husband came back and Cathy told him to go away. She wanted to hear more.

Kathy understood that it is not her goodness that will save her but God’s goodness. After sharing one of the most well-known scripture verses with her, John 3:16, I asked her if she wanted to place her trust in Christ for her salvation.

We prayed together and she asked God to forgive her sins. She acknowledged that Jesus rose from the dead and He is Lord. She asked God to come into her heart and save her.

After we finished, I asked her what happened? She said, “I am saved and have eternal life.” I asked her again how certain she was about going to heaven, she said, “I am 100% certain because Jesus died for me.”


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