RANDY VID 20140115C S

In this video, Mike Barko is seen sharing the Gospel of Jesus with Randy. At the beginning of the conversation, Randy is unsure about his eternal destiny and rates his confidence at 50%. Mike engages Randy in a discussion about faith, sin, and salvation. Mike explains the concept of being satisfied with Jesus' sacrifice on the cross. Randy gradually comes to understand that Jesus' blood has paid for his sins in full, and there is no need for him to try to pay for them himself. Mike uses the analogy of buying a cheesecake with a receipt to illustrate the point that once Jesus has paid for our sins, we shouldn't try to pay for them again. The resurrection of Jesus is presented as the receipt that proves our sins have been fully paid for. Randy eventually makes a confession of faith, surrendering to Jesus and accepting Him as his Savior. Mike encourages Randy to read the Bible and attend church to help him grow in his faith. The video ends with Randy's newfound assurance of eternal life and a reminder that God is love, and Randy is loved. Mike receives permission to use the video to share this testimony of faith.


1/15/20141 min read