In this video recorded by Mike Barko at James Madison University, we witness a profound and transformative moment as two students, Paul Wilson and Luke, share their personal experiences and newfound faith in Jesus Christ. Paul begins by sharing his perspective before this encounter. He candidly admits to trusting in himself and believing that his imperfections didn't matter as long as he considered himself a good person. However, through his conversation with Mike, he has a profound revelation. Paul realizes that God is not just someone he seeks help from but is his ultimate trust and salvation. He acknowledges that Jesus is the bridge to eternal life and that he crossed that bridge today. With profound humility, Paul quotes the words of Jesus, emphasizing that whoever believes in Him has eternal life. He firmly believes this truth and expresses the pure and comforting feeling it brings to his heart. Luke, who is with Paul, shares his own experience from the previous year. He highlights that he went through a similar transformation and has been feeling incredibly happy ever since. He expresses his happiness for being present on this occasion. Sophie, who joins the conversation later, also shares her thoughts and feelings. She discusses her lifelong belief in God, even though she hasn't been part of a particular religion or regular churchgoer. Sophie appreciates the reminder of God's all-encompassing presence and the importance of faith in her life. This video captures a powerful moment of faith and transformation, where individuals like Paul and Luke realize the significance of trusting in Jesus Christ as their ultimate source of salvation. Their heartfelt testimonies serve as a testament to the transformative power of encountering the Gospel and embracing the truth of eternal life through faith in Christ.


2/12/20191 min read