In this touching video by Mike Barko at Ocean City, Maryland, we witness a heartwarming moment as two individuals, Praise and Patrick, share their transformative experiences with God's grace and love. Patrick, overwhelmed with gratitude, expresses how he was just working when Mike approached him and spoke words of peace and reassurance. He describes feeling relieved and reborn after their conversation. With heartfelt sincerity, Patrick thanks God for guiding him to this moment and for the transformation he's experiencing. Praise Daniels, filled with joy and the Holy Spirit, shares her encounter with these kind souls on the boardwalk. She expresses her gratitude for the presence of the Holy Spirit, which is moving and working within her. Praise acknowledges the blessing of meeting such wonderful people and believes that God will always be with her wherever she goes. Mike then engages them in a unique celebration, marking their spiritual birthdays as new creations in Christ. As they receive the gift of eternal life, they celebrate their spiritual birthdays with happiness and praise for God's love. Both Patrick and Praise express their unwavering faith and trust in God, with Patrick confidently stating that he is 100% sure he will go to heaven because of God's grace. The video ends with words of thanks and love from Patrick and Praise, followed by their permission to use the video for the glory of God. This video captures a beautiful moment of spiritual rebirth, reminding us of the power of faith and the transformative impact of sharing the Gospel with others.


8/18/20201 min read