PETER VID20130423)J.M.U.

In this heartfelt video, we meet a gentleman named Peter who had an encounter with Mike Barko. Initially apprehensive about hearing the word of God, Peter shares how Mike's message has deeply impacted him. Peter expresses how he initially wasn't sure how God would speak to him, but after listening to Mike, he feels a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment in his heart. He talks about the assurance that he now has, believing that the kingdom of heaven is waiting for him. Peter reflects on what Jesus did for him, emphasizing that Jesus died for his sins. He acknowledges that he hasn't been perfect, but with the knowledge that Jesus paid for their sins, he is ready to accept Christ into his heart. This video is a moving testimony of faith and transformation, highlighting how a simple encounter can lead to a profound change in one's beliefs and outlook on life. Peter's story serves as a reminder of the power of the gospel and the impact it can have on individuals.


4/23/20131 min read