PETER (VID_20130418)J.M.U.

In this video, we encounter Peter Parker, a James Madison University student, who had a meaningful conversation with Mike Barko about his faith journey. Peter begins by sharing his initial uncertainty, stating that he was only around eighty percent sure of his salvation. However, Mike's explanation using the colors and the symbolism of Jesus Christ's blood made a significant impact on him. Peter now confidently declares that he is a hundred percent sure of his eternal salvation because of Jesus Christ. When asked about the condition of his heart after this enlightening conversation, Peter describes feeling good and warm inside, signifying the sense of spiritual peace and contentment he has found. Peter's testimony showcases the transformative power of faith discussions and how they can lead individuals to a deeper understanding of their beliefs and a stronger conviction in their faith. This video captures the essence of newfound assurance and faith in Jesus Christ's redemptive work.


4/18/20131 min read