In this video, Perry, a grandmother from downtown Harrisonburg, Virginia, shares her heartfelt experience after encountering Mike Barko and his message of the Gospel of Jesus. She begins by expressing her gratitude to God for the relief she felt today. Perry had been going through a difficult morning, feeling burdened and anxious, especially about her grandson Eli. She narrates how, after facing challenges in finding a parking space, they eventually found one, and this simple act felt like a blessing. As Perry and her grandson Eli were heading to court in Harrisonburg, their day took a significant turn. Perry describes how God lifted the weight off her shoulders and brought peace to her mind. She recalls a moment when she mistook Mike Barko for someone else, but Mike's testimony to her grandson had a profound impact. Eli, Perry's grandson, shares how he was once unsure about God's presence in his life, feeling like God wasn't there for him. However, through Mike's message, he began to realize that God is with him and that he is loved. Perry expresses her relief and gratitude for this transformative encounter, emphasizing that sometimes it takes a stranger's message to bring clarity and faith back into someone's life. She concludes by giving her permission to use the video and extends her blessings. Perry's testimony highlights the powerful and unexpected ways in which people can encounter the message of God's love and find hope and reassurance in challenging times.


11/23/20131 min read