In this heartwarming video captured by Mike Barko in Ocean City, Maryland, we witness a beautiful moment of faith and transformation as Owen and Chris open up about their newfound trust in God. Owen, a 16-year-old, bravely shares his journey with us. He admits that before this encounter, he didn't have trust in God. However, during their conversation, something profound changed within him. Owen's heart now overflows with trust in God, and it makes him feel genuinely good. He acknowledges that he is 100% sure he will go to heaven, all thanks to his newfound faith in God. Chris, who is also 16, echoes a similar sentiment. He confesses that before their talk, he was trusting in himself for salvation. However, during this encounter, he recognized the missing piece in his life, which was putting his trust in God. Now, Chris acknowledges God as his savior and revels in the gift of eternal life. Both Owen and Chris share the wonderful feeling this transformation has brought to their hearts. Mike emphasizes the importance of using this newfound faith to honor God in their lives, reminding them that they don't need to travel to far-off places to be missionaries. Their mission can begin right in their neighborhoods and with their families. The video concludes with a joyous birthday celebration, signifying their spiritual rebirths. Owen and Chris receive the gift of eternal life with excitement and gratitude, just like one would receive presents on their birthday. Mike expresses his love for them, and they grant permission to use the video. This video beautifully captures the power of faith, transformation, and the simple joy of sharing the Gospel with young hearts ready to embrace God's love.


8/18/20201 min read