In this powerful video, two sophomores, Olivia and Maggie, engage in a candid and life-changing conversation with speaker Mike Barko. The dialogue takes them from uncertainty to faith. The conversation begins casually, discussing school, classes, and even a lighthearted quiz. However, it quickly delves into deep spiritual matters that leave a profound impact. Their conversation takes an unexpected turn as they discuss the concept of belief and faith. Mike Barko gently challenges Olivia and Maggie's beliefs, encouraging them to reevaluate their perspectives. The discussion explores the idea of salvation, the human condition, and the need for divine grace. As Olivia and Maggie grapple with thought-provoking questions, they start to realize the depth of their imperfections and sins. Mike Barko skillfully guides them through a series of realizations, highlighting their need for a Savior. Through anecdotes, analogies, and engaging dialogue, the video underscores the importance of humility and reliance on God's grace for salvation. The conversation ultimately leads Olivia and Maggie to make a profound decision to trust in God and accept His forgiveness. Their transformation from doubt to faith is beautifully captured in this video, demonstrating the life-altering impact of a personal relationship with God.


5/12/20221 min read