Ocean City Md.

Ocean City Md.

Mike Barko begins by describing his first night on the boardwalk, when he and his friend Eric Kabler shared the Gospel with a group of people. Some of the people were interested and wanted to learn more, while others were opposed to the message. Mike Barko says that it's important to let God work in people's hearts, and not to try to force them to believe. Mike Barko goes on to share stories of several people who came to faith in Christ after hearing the Gospel. One man said that he had been struggling with his faith since his grandfather died, but after hearing the Gospel, he realized that he didn't have to be good enough to go to Heaven. Another man said that he had always thought he would go to Heaven because he had a kind heart, but after hearing the Gospel, he realized how arrogant he had been. Mike Barko concludes by saying that we all need to come to the place where we trust in God's grace and mercy rather than trying to be good enough on our own. He says that this is the only way to be truly holy. The blog post is a reminder that the Gospel is powerful and can change lives. It is also a reminder that we need to trust in God's grace and mercy, not our own works, in order to be saved.


Mike Barko

7/9/202226 min read

Trust to be holy.

This newsletter is a 20 minute read. I really hope that you enjoy it. God bless you.

I took two trips to Ocean City, Maryland in June. One for seven days and the other for twelve days. In total, 546 souls responded to the invitation to trust in Christ alone after hearing the Gospel. Team work makes the dream work. All Glory to God. Thankful for the body of Christ. Amen.

Thanks to Dean and Trish Landers, owners of the house where our team of evangelists sleep, eat, and fellowship together. Thanks to Erik Dressel, the leader of our team. Much grace is needed for the oversight of 12-15 zealous gospel preachers. The secret to his great leadership? Great humility.

Thanks to Sam Bethea, Paul Collins, Paul McKeon, Bill and Donna Barrans, Bill and Gwen Clarke, Jim Sweeney, Jerrold Humphries, James Adams, John Capota, Jimmy, Peter and Gary. Thanks to Tom and Grace Mercer for serving our entire team a smorgasbord lunch at their ministry house in Pocomoke, Md.

All of us worked together as a team to bring all of those souls to Christ. Amen!


GOING ON A MISSION, WHILE ON A MISSION (who ever heard of such a thing?)

The day after the Supreme Court overturned Roe. v. Wade, Erik and Sam awoke at 5 a.m. to drive from the beach house to Washington D.C. to be salt and light in the midst of an angry mob gathered on the capitol grounds. They returned to the beach house later that afternoon, only to go out to the boardwalk at Ocean City and minister again! (After a nap, of course.)

Sam preaching on the capitol grounds. Sam is incredibly bold. The secret to his boldness? Humility. Sam frequently carried my bags and even changed my sheets on the last day. (My back was hurting.)



I arrived Thursday, June 16th, at 4 P.M. Thanks to Bill Barrans and Jim Sweeney for unloading all my stuff from the car. My back condition precludes me from doing this.

Thanks to Eric Kabler from Johnstown, Pennsylvania, who picked me up from the house at 5:30 P.M. so we minister together on the boardwalk. It's a 20 minute drive from 138th street to 3rd street where we minister.

I first met Eric while on a previous trip to Ocean City a few years ago. Since that time, Eric and I have spent many hours over the phone doing evangelism training. Our desire was to do it together one day.

As the Lord would have it, Eric contacted me two days before I went to Ocean City this time, letting me know that he was already there with his family! After picking me up, we got to minister together on the boardwalk, Thursday, June 16th, my first night, from around 6:30 P.M. - 10:30 P.M.

Let's call my first night on the boardwalk...


Evangelism, like many other things, is best done by God the Holy Spirit, as we follow His lead one small step at a time. Unfortunately we humans have a way of trying to do things ourselves.

Even though I know this truth, the place in the heart where we rely upon Him and not ourselves is not easily found. God finds that place for us (for me at least) by causing people to walk off. This helps us to 'take our hands off the wheel' and give it all to Him. Great, now it's time for God to work.


The Lord does a great work in the minister's heart, even as He does a great work in the one receiving the ministry. The one may be 'sanctifying' while the other may be 'saving', but it's still a great work. This brings great comfort when things don't go our way.

Half-way through our first presentation, a young couple, Zach and Amelia walked off. Next was Ibrahim, Darius, and Nehemiah. All said 'yes' to the invitation, but when they realized they were going to be 'accepting Jesus', Ibrahim and Darius said, 'I can't, I'm Muslim'. Nehemiah prayed. Lilly and Emma, two more youth, heard the Gospel. Lilly said 'yes' and Emma said 'no'.

The issue is not if the people respond favorably to the Gospel. The issue is whether our hearts are completely surrendered to the impulses of the Holy Spirit, so He can move as He sees fit.

God brings us gradually to this place of surrender as we recognize that we can do absolutely nothing. The work is His. We must trust and rest, not try and strive. Unless His Spirit moves, nothing will happen. Nothing of eternal value, that is.


Nick and Dewey sat down with a third guy. This third guy was a real distraction. As Nick and Dewey were being drawn in by the Holy Spirit (you could tangibly see it in their faces), this guy would say something off the wall. He wasn't interested in learning. He was interested in opposing.

His comments were interrupting the flow of the Holy Spirit. I would allow him to speak, and then just continue the presentation with Nick and Dewey, focusing on them. Partway through the presentation, he walked off. Or should we say, God removed him.

Even after this man left, several other 'friends' walked up and tried to pull Nick and Dewey away. At one point, one of them responded, 'No! I need to hear this!'

We let God save who He wants to save. We let him remove who He wants to remove. The work is His. If I am too zealous, then I am 'trying to get everybody.' This interrupts the flow of the Holy Spirit.

I didn't oppose the guy that was opposing me, or even oppose the guys who walked up to drag Nick and Dewey away. I let God do the work.

At the end, after God had done His work (He does all things well), Nick and Dewey wanted to trust in Christ alone...

Nick: 'He gave me eternal life. He took everything bad. 100%. Because God saved me.' (Prayer at end...'God, thanks for saving me.')

Dewey: 'He saved my life. I didn't do anything. (to be saved) 100%. He died for us.' (Prayer at end...'Thanks for saving my life'.)

The opposition simply made of all this more special.


The next two were Milaina and Eva. They also really seemed to be drawn in by the Holy Spirit and at the end both wanted to trust in Christ alone.

Milaina: 'He helped me trust in Him and not myself. 100%. I feel more confident. (Prayer) 'Thank you for helping me put my trust in you.''

Eva: 'He opened my eyes to put my trust in Him. I know who I am...not good. I know who He is...God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit. 100%. My trust is in Him. (Prayer) 'Thank you for opening my eyes.''



The Lord then sent a group of six: Frank, Jeremiah, Zoe, Cally, Sarah, and Fiona. All listened attentively and all wanted to trust in Christ alone. Here are a few comments at the end that stand out...

'I was 0%, after this I'm 100.'
'He cleared me'
'My heart feels light and love.'
'He saved me'.
'I started believing in Him.'
'I feel grateful.'
'God wore my sins. I have his clean coat.'



After this, somehow I found myself preaching to a group of 10 - 15. All were interested and very attentive. Unfortunately, I had set my chairs up in the path of the tram, not it's normal path throughout the day, but it's path as it exits the boardwalk at 10 P.M.

The tram guy yelled that I needed to move. As Eric and I were scrambling to get the chairs out of the way, several in this group shouted to the tram driver, 'You're interrupting the Gospel!'

(After this night, I made sure the chairs were no longer in the way, as it wasn't the driver's fault, it was mine.)

After the smoke cleared, three guys remained. Eric and I focused on them. Each wanted to trust in Christ alone after hearing the Gospel. Listen to what Jay had to say...

Jay: 'There was something there (in my heart) that was keeping me from getting it. Now I understand. I feel like I'm thinking differently.' (Remember, repentance is a change of mind.)

Jay kept thanking us as he left, reiterating how much it had meant to him.



God saved the best one for last.

Don and D.J. sat down. Both were not sure of going to Heaven. D.J. told us...

'My grandfather just died and I'm struggling with my faith.' He said some other things and then he said, 'I don't know if I'm good enough.'

Many people who don't share the Gospel are afraid of not knowing how to deal with certain situations that arise. Take it from someone who has shared thousands of times: You don't have to worry about that. It really just comes down to one thing:

Share the Gospel. Many times this answers all of their questions.

Somebody asked Paul Washer how he adjusted the Gospel when preaching for different cultures and different situations. He doesn't adjust. He simply shares the Gospel.

'For I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first and also to the Greek.' (Romans 1:16)

What is the power of God unto salvation?

The Gospel.

Share it. Let God deal with everything else.

I could have focused on the death of D.J.'s grandfather. I didn't. I focused on his comment, 'I don't know if I good enough.'

There is a time for comfort and a time for the Gospel. Actually, it is the Gospel that brings comfort. Amen.

I hear so many people say, 'I don't know if I'm good enough.' If you think you can be good enough, you are trusting in yourself. We must all come to the place where we say...

'I'm not good enough...'
'I'll never be good enough...'
'I don't have to be good enough...'

Let it all go and trust Him. This brings deliverance, rest and relief.

Trying to be good enough is actually a denial of the Gospel. Read on...

A preteen that I spoke to on Saturday initially told me, 'I would go to Heaven because I have a kind heart.' After hearing the Gospel, he told me, 'You changed my whole narrative. I didn't realize how arrogant I was.' (Obviously a very intelligent young man just touched by the Holy Spirit.)

It is arrogant to think that you are a good person.

It is also idolatry.

On Sunday I spoke to Kelsey. After understanding this truth, she commented, 'I've been telling Him I'm better than Him. That's idolatry!' (Read story from Kelsey below...I'm a great person!)

Monday night I spoke with Nick. After the Spirit showed him this truth, He told me, 'If you say you're good, you're worshiping yourself, not Him!' (Read story from Nick below...Look who came back!)

Therefore, we start our presentation by showing people they are not good. Let's strip their perceived goodness away.

Ever been jealous? (10th commandment)
Ever lied? (9th commandment)
Ever stolen? (8th commandment) (copied answer on a test, copied c/d, too long on a work break?)
Ever lusted? (7th commandment)
Ever hated or gossiped? (6th commandment)
Ever disobeyed parents? (5th commandment)
Ever had fear of anxiety? (4th commandment) (Jesus is the 24/7 Sabbath rest. We must rest in Him at all times.)
Ever said OMG? (3rd commandment)
Ever been stubborn? (2nd commandment) "...stubbornness is as idolatry..." (1 Sam. 15:23)
Ever disobeyed God, been selfish? (1st commandment) "...rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft..." (1 Sam. 15:23)

We've all broken these commandments thousands of times and yet we have the audacity to say that we are good people. This must be a real stench in our Lord's nostrils.

'No one is good, except God alone.' (Luke 18:19)

The first step to being 100% sure of going to Heaven is humility. You're not good. I'm not good. Only God is.

God really confirmed this truth to me as I shared with people on this trip. Read on for more responses from people confirming this truth.

Charles Spurgeon said...

'Nothing damns a man but his own righteousness (goodness), nothing saves a man but the righteousness of Christ.'

John Wesley said...

'Before I can preach love, mercy, and grace, I must preach sin, law, and judgment. Preach 90% law and 10% grace.'

Next, we share the penalty...

"The wages (penalty) of sin is death (spiritual death)." (Romans 6:23)

Many people at this point were now 0% sure of going to Heaven. Why? Because they understood they had broken all of the commandments. This was a great blessing. 90% law, 10% grace.

Strip them of their righteousness, and then present the righteousness of Christ. The Gospel is that simple.

Now, because people have a tendency of hanging on to their own righteousness, sometimes I use a 'hat illustration' before proceeding to the righteousness of Christ.

These people will say, 'I now see that I am not good. However, in order to be saved, I must start being (doing) good.'

"There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death." (Prov. 14:12)

Hat illustration: (You can use any item.)

"Are you this hat?" (no)
"Will you ever be this hat?" (no)
"Are you going to try to be a hat?" (no)
"Why not?" (I am not a hat. I will never be a hat.)

"Are you good?" (no)
"Will you ever be good?" (no)
"Are you going to try to be good?" (Most people struggle at this point because the flesh is so inherent in the human soul. Also, it is preached frequently in the church...'Try to be good!')

"Are you going to try to be a hat? Are you going to agonize and strive and try to be a hat?" (no)
"Why not?" (Because I'm not a hat!)
"Right, and you will never be one. You can't be something that you are not."

"Are you going to try to be good?" (no)
"Great. You can't be good. You can't be something that you're not. Don't try to be something that you're not. Relax, exhale and let it all go. Don't try, trust. Don't strive, rest. It's all on Him. It's not on you."

People's expressions really change when the Holy Spirit brings illumination. You can see the relief in people's faces as tension gives way to peace and light. Then, their testimonies at the end confirm the work of the Holy Spirit. More examples as you read on.

God saw all of us as 'so good', so you know what He did with the lot of us?

He put us on the cross in Christ.

That is 'how good' we were.

Just fit for crucifixion.

His final verdict on the flesh is death.

Trying to be good is a denial of the Gospel. It's taking the old man, that sinner that was already placed on the cross in Jesus Christ, and trying to resurrect that 'ole dead carcass'.

How disgusting. And it doesn't work.

Rest in the fact that you were crucified with Christ.

"Knowing this, that our old self was crucified with Him, in order that our body of sin might be done away with, so that we would no longer be slaves to sin; for he who has died is freed from sin." (Romans 6:6,7)

If you 'try to be good', you are 'resurrecting' that body of sin. The result? You are now 'a slave to sin.'

However, if you believe the Gospel and rest in the fact: (1) you are not good (2) never will be good and (3) don't have to try to be good, then that old man will remain dead on the cross with Christ. No self-effort, just trust.

As you are continually believing this and repenting (giving up on yourself and falling upon Him...no more trying, just trusting.), you will find yourself abiding (resting) in Him.

As you abide...

"...the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has set you free from the law of sin and death." (Romans 8:2)

The life of the Holy Spirit inside of you will takeover and set you free from the battle of sin within.

"...he who has died is freed from sin." (Rom. 6:7)

You died on the cross with Christ and are resting in His finished work. You are finished. The self you loathe is on the cross with Christ. Why try to
'bring him back' by 'trying to be good'?

The result of abiding in the finished work?

True holiness.

Not outward.


Purity of the heart.

How does God purify our hearts? (Acts 15:9)

Trying to be good?

Agonizing to 'be the hat'?

Clenching our teeth and giving it our best shot?

All of this is 'the flesh'.

Your self-effort just puts you right back under the law of sin and death. That law is greater than our self-will. We can't win.

Our victory is in Christ.

God will purify our hearts by...


Abiding. Resting. Trusting.

The Holy Spirit will rise up within our hearts and fill us with His love as we give up completely on ourselves. We let go of all efforts and attempts to save ourselves.

The work is His. The work is done.

True holiness is His love filling our hearts.

"But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentlenesss, self-control; against such there is no law." (Gal. 5:22)

How good is that?
How good is He?

I then preached the goodness (righteousness) of Christ to Don and D.J. This includes His person and His work.

Listen to their responses after hearing the Gospel and praying to receive Christ:

Don: 'He changed my life. (Amazing that someone could say this at this point, not having yet done one single thing) He changed the way that I think. 100%...I trust God.'

D.J.: 'He opened my eyes to what being a Christian really means. My faith is now in God, not in myself. My heart feels 'clarified and purified'. I trust in God. I am not good, never will be good, and I don't have to be good. Thank you God that I don't have to try or stress to be perfect. I just need to put my faith in God.'

Listen to what he told me as he left...

'I can't lie to you...I can't lie to you...I got more out of this talk and it makes more sense now than ever before in my life. (He said this to me 2 or 3 times before he left. He was really blown away) Finally he said, 'I was trying to prove myself to Him.'



If Thursday night was the mountain top, then Friday night was definitely the valley. Yes, 13 people wanted to trust in Christ alone, but it just didn't seem like my heart was filled with love or that I was in the power of the Holy Spirit. This is okay because it is humbling and it reminds us that we can do nothing.

We must rely upon Him. And even this can be a 'fight' and a 'labor'.

We 'fight' the good fight of faith. (1 Tim. 6:12)
We 'labor' to enter into the rest. (Heb. 4:11)

It is a 'fight' and a 'labor' to let the Holy Spirit do the work! Jacob wrestled all night with the Angel until he finally gave up. (with a little help...on the hip...from the Lord!)


Here is Mike after professing faith in Christ alone...

'Thank you for saving me and helping me trust in you...100%...I trust in Him.'



This is what Sephonne initially told me. I had him read Jeremiah 17:9...

'The heart is deceitful and desperately wicked.'

His response was refreshing...

'Well, I guess that takes care of that!'

Many buck at this verse and make excuses. The first step to being 100% is being humble. We are not good.

Sephonne continued to humble himself after recognizing that he had broken all of the commandments, and he was eager to trust in Christ alone...

'He opened up my eyes to who I should be trusting...100%...My heart feels really good...Sometimes you just need to hear something...I needed that...(Prayer)...Thank you God, you are my Savior.'



It was a true joy to share with this group of eight: David, Rowan, Alex, Grayson, Dbo, Ashton, Jacob, and Devon. Sometimes there is much push back...not here. Everyone really seemed to receive the message and wanted to trust in Christ alone.

A few responses...

Dbo: 'He taught me a lesson to trust Him. I love Him.'
Devon: 'He opened my eyes to have more trust in Him.'
Ashton: 'He saved me...1000%!...1 million %!'

As they were leaving they shouted at me:

'I'll never forget you!'
'I'll see you in Heaven!'
'Big Dog Mike!'
'I'm not drinking again!'

A woman walked up at the end and asked them what was going on. They told her:

'We're talking about God. We're not good. We've broken all the commandments. We need to trust God. Do you trust God?'

What a precious group! I am blessed!



Omar and Micah were both very ready to put their trust in Christ alone. Micah said that his grandfather had recently given him a 'wake up call.', indicating that he was on the wrong path.

You got to believe that grandpa had really been praying for him!

"And herein is that saying true, One soweth, and another reapeth. I sent you to reap that whereon ye bestowed no labour: other men laboured, and ye are entered into their labours." (John 4:37,38)

Omar: 'He made me believe that I am really bad. God wore the coat for me and made me more aware...100%...God died for me...(Prayer)..'Thank you for helping me believe and taking my coat.'

Micah: 'It was cool to see how you broke it down...100%...I trust in Him...(Prayer)...'Thank you for second chances and bringing us to Mike.'



John, Owen, and Hunter really seemed to understand and all wanted to trust in Christ alone.

John: 'He showed me the light-Heaven and led me on the right path to the Holy One...100%...I have God.'

Prayer...'Thank you for helping me trust you.'

Owen: 'He opened up a new belief that I can go to Heaven by putting myself into the position of putting my trust in Him...100%...I have trust in God.'

Prayer...'I will forever trust and believe in you.'

Hunter: 'He showed me a new pathway to Heaven-to trust in Him...My heart feels good-like I'm loved...100%...My trust is in God.'

Prayer...'I love you...I thank you.'



Young boy (mentioned earlier): 'I feel like my whole narrative has changed. I'm not arrogant anymore.'

Justin: 'My thought process was wrong. My heart feels more complete. I believe in Him.'

Ben: 'We put our faith into Jesus instead of ourselves.'

Tyrianna: 'Thank you for replenishing my soul.' (She prayed at the end, after tearing up.)

Ryan: 'He freed us of our sins...My heart feels beautiful...I feel free.'

ALL DAY SUNDAY (1:30 P.M. - 10 P.M.)

Another Fun Group (CLAAANK!)

It takes some time to go through all the names in a large group. I like to say one person's name, and then add another, until at the end of the introduction, I have repeated each name in succession. Here we had seven: Rylo, Lele, Malachi, John, Ian, Mike, and Dame.

During this time of introduction, someone may make a funny comment. Here, when I finished repeating all seven names, Ian smiled, put his hand out towards me with his three middle fingers back, thumb and pink extended and said...

'CLAAAANK!' (I responded and 'CLANKED' him back)

Everyone laughed. I was able to incorporate this term throughout the Gospel presentation. At the end, I think we were all 'CLANKED' out. It was a joy to share with them.

Three wanted a GOSPEL PRIMER follow-up book, and said they really wanted to read it. Thank you to team member Bill Barrans for donating these. Rylo was reading the book as they walked off. I don't remember how many prayed with me, but Rylo, Lele, and Malachi all indicated they had trusted Christ. (Ian, CLAANK!, has the big smile up front)



Kevin sat down with Bruce. He immediately called for David and Brynn to come sit down. At some point Calvin and Andrew joined the group. All listened and at the end, Kevin, Bruce, David and Brynn wanted to trust Christ alone as their Savior.

As Kevin was walking off, He started preaching to a nearby group of kids...

'Go over there and learn about Jesus! It totally changed our thinking!'


Logan and Ethan both wanted to trust Christ after hearing the Gospel.

Logan: 'God reestablished my trust in Him and I feel more light in my heart for sure. I'm sure that I will be in Heaven because I trust in God. (Prayer) ...Thank you for reassuring my faith and saving me.'

Ethan: 'He reassured my trust with Him. I trust God. (Prayer)...I love you and I trust you.'



Kelsey, probably around 15, initially gave me this answer. After we went through all ten commandments, she understood that she had broken all of them. Then I had her read Luke 18:19...

'No one is good, except for God alone.'

I then asked her, "What does that tell you?"

Kelsey: 'I've been telling Him I'm better than Him. That's idolatry! I'm putting myself above Him!'

I didn't tell her this! The Holy Spirit showed her this truth in that moment! Another confirmation that saying we are good is arrogance.

It's not only arrogance, it's idolatry!

She spoke again at the end and said...

'I've got to pay the fine and I've got nothing to pay with!'

I asked her, 'When do you want to trust in Christ alone?'

Kelsey: 'As soon as this conversation is over!'

I didn't even have to lead her in a prayer. She prayed the following on her own...

'God, I'm trusting in you and I thank you...'



Brianna and K.K., two 14 yr old girls, both really understood the truth and wanted to trust in Christ alone. They both took the GOSPEL PRIMER book and said they would read it that night. Well, they came back a day or two later with a question from the book.

They came back again several more days just to say hi. They told me they had taken another book from Sam and also had a great conversation with Erik Dressel, our team leader. We all work together for God's great harvest.



Daniel: He entered my heart and educated me. I thought that I was good and pure but I have broken all of the commandments. My heart feels content...100%...because of God.'

Camilo: 'He released me of all my sins and came into my heart. My heart feels warm with love for God...100% sure...God released me of all my sins.'



It is a blessing to share with the little ones. They don't have the pride the older ones have. Yes, like the adults they say they are good, but when shown the truth, it is easier for them to humble themselves. Yes, some are stubborn and buck the truth, but most will submit and trust in Christ alone.

Age really isn't a barrier. These truths are apprehended primarily with the heart, not the intellect. I have seen the light come on with four and five year olds. I am also amazed at how many of the kiddos look at my picture of Jesus and exclaim...

'That's God!' (The parents, unfortunately correct them sometimes and say, no, that's the Son of God.)

Little Genesis (8-10) wanted to trust in Christ alone and prayed at the end, 'I believe you.' Mom took the GOSPEL PRIMER and told me that she would read it to her daughter.

Two other young boys, Devon and Demarcus, listened and wanted to trust Christ alone...'Thank you for saving us.'

The boys (Mitchell, Davey, and Jaxson) really wanted a bracelet. Grandpa said to me, 'Can I stop you at any point?'

It is an honor when parents allow you to share with their children. It is a double blessing when they don't stop you and the children want to trust in Christ.


I decided to rest Monday afternoon, and I also enjoyed a workout at the beach house with my 'Bodylastics' exercise bands. All of us arrived at the boardwalk around 6:30 P.M.

Interestingly enough, Monday night started out a lot like Thursday night, only worse. However, just like Thursday night, the Holy Spirit prepared my heart in the process and turned things around. Thank you dear God!


I use a booklet with scriptures when I share with people. It becomes even more useful when I am sharing with large groups. My heart sank a little when I realized I had forgotten my booklet.

I had just started sharing with two young men, Angel and Declan. Unfortunately, I was scatterbrained as I was sharing since my heart was focused on the missing booklet. I also was chastising myself for not being more organized.

Well, probably as expected, we got to the end and Angel and Declan were not interested in placing their trust in Christ. I notified team member Bill Barrans of my plight, and he immediately contacted Erik Dressel who was still at the beach house. He would search for it and bring it if found. Later on, he found it, and it was delivered to me at just the right time. Amen!


The next group was a real doozie. Several of the young folks seemed half-way interested, but when 'argumentative Muslim' started in, everything changed. This young man was not a humble seeker of the truth, or even a sincere sharer of his beliefs. He was really enjoying attacking me and was making everyone else feel very uncomfortable.

At some point towards the end, He said something extremely blasphemously vulgar and got up to leave. I was obviously thankful that he was leaving, and quite shocked that anyone would have the audacity to say something like this. Even most atheists who claim not to believe, would never say something like this. I was very concerned for his soul when he said this.

Deep breath.
Trust the Lord.
Move forward.


Stephanie and Anna sat down. No way to describe the difference in their spirit vs. the previous group. I really do very little. God must prepare the hearts and make people humble enough to hear the truth. I simply share and sometimes it 'fits like a glove'. If someone is antagonistic, I can't help them.

Stephanie and Anna were so humble and ready to receive. It blessed my heart after the previous two groups. God controls all of this.

Stephanie: 'He showed me that I need to put all my faith in Him...stop taking things into my own hands...what He did for me was really hard...thankful for what He did...just sorry that He had to go through that...100%...Him.'

(Prayer)...'Thank you very much for saving me.'

Anna: 'I know I need to just put all my trust in Him...I am very thankful...my heart feels loved...100%...He died for me.'

(Prayer)...'I know I need to fully trust you always. Please help me to do that.'



Declan actually came back with a friend while I was sharing with the girls. He waited some time for me to finish, and then sat down with his friend Nick.

The Spirit was obviously moving and the opposition continued. As I began to share, 'argumentative Muslim' walked by a few more times. Each time he walked by, he began to 'oppose and blaspheme' what I was saying. Thankfully, he was 15-20 feet off and continued moving.

"Lord, I will let you deal with him. I will deal with these two that you have brought to me."

In all my years of sharing the Gospel, blessing is usually on the heels of opposition. This time was no different.

Declan wanted me to share with his friend Nick. I was fumbling around sharing with him earlier because I had forgotten my booklet. The Lord brought him back. When God wants to do something, He does it. Amen.

Not that we should be unprepared or unorganized as that is our responsibility. God is greater than our gaffes, goofs, and sins, and works everything together for our good and His glory. Praise be to His Name.

Two years ago, Nick had lost two siblings and his parents in a house fire. I can't imagine. Declan's family had adopted him. Nick was Jewish. Declan loved his friend and brought him back to hear the message. Incredible.

God brought more confirmation about this whole 'good person' thing. After Nick understood that he had broken all the commandments, I showed him Luke 18:19...

'No one is good, except for God alone.'

I then asked him, 'What is that saying to you?'

He responded...

'If you say, 'I'm good, you're worshiping yourself, not me.'

Sounds like idolatry to me. The same thing God the Holy Spirit showed Kelsey.

Witnessing is a trialogue: (1) You (2) Person with whom you are sharing (3) God the Holy Spirit. Don't monopolize the conversation. Allow God to speak to the person. He does a better job. I am still learning this.

At the end, Nick wanted to trust in Christ alone. Guess what? Declan, who was more concerned about his friend than himself, ended up wanting to trust in Christ as well! Amen!

Nick: 'He saved me. He wore my coat. My heart feels wonderful...100%...I put all my trust in God...(Prayer)...'God, thanks for saving me.''

Declan: 'He saved me. I trust Him...100%...God died for our sins...(Prayer)...'God, thanks for saving me.''

Nick is on your left.



You know God is moving when the fish jump right into the boat. Little Aidan came right over with his dad in tow and asked me:

'Can I get a bracelet?'

Dad sat down with his son to listen to the message. As expected, little Aidan said,

'I've been nice...I've been good.'

When the parents are listening, you have to tread a little more gently using the commandments. This is even more true when your tell them they are in control, and may interrupt or leave at any time.

Little Aidan understood that he had broken the commandments and was not good. After preaching Christ to him, he understood that Jesus is God and that He had taken his punishment (Hell) on the cross.

Dad was okay with me using this word. I have started asking permission before using the word, and thankfully all of them have said 'yes'.

I looked at Aidan as said...

"If you tell God, 'I'm good', what will happen to you?"...Aidan pointed down.

"If you tell God, 'I trust', what will happen to you?"...Aidan pointed up.

"Who have you been trusting?


"When do you want to put all your trust in God?"

'Right now'.

We prayed. Aidan prayed to God and told Him:

'I feel like you led me over here tonight and now I trust you and thank you for filling my heart with love.'

What a prayer from this little boy! Dad actually prayed along with his son and he was very thankful for what had happened. He then told me:

'He really needs this.' (Something was going on in Aidan's life.) Thank you Jesus!



I finished sharing the Gospel a little after 11 P.M. Thank you to Erik for taking me back to the house. My last group was Chris, Veronica, and Jacob. Veronica and Jacob were together, and Chris was a young man who sat down by himself.

You could really see the change in Veronica's eyes as she began to understand that she had broken all of the commandments and was not good. This is one way you can 'see the Spirit working'.

Because it was late, I did not adjust my presentation for little Jacob. In fact, my conversation was with Chris and Veronica, and was not even sure how much little Jacob had understood. His response blessed me and let me know God had touched him.

All three wanted to trust Christ alone.

I asked Jacob...

"Did God do something for you here tonight?"

Little Jacob: 'He makes me feel better.'

"How does your heart feel better?'

Little Jacob: 'It has no sins in it.' (God the Holy Spirit, speaking truth once again.)

"...purifying their hearts by..."

FAITH. (Acts 15:9)



(Second part of the trip in the next newsletter, Lord willing.)