In this video recorded by Mike Barko, we witness a heartfelt encounter with a woman named Holly, where the Gospel of Christ is shared and received with joy and gratitude. Holly introduces herself and candidly expresses that when she initially approached Mike, her heart wasn't in the right place. Something inside her urged her to seek guidance and understanding. She shares that after talking to Mike and learning about Christ's message, she made a conscious decision to choose God. This choice led her to accept Jesus into her heart and receive salvation. The video captures Holly's genuine happiness and the profound impact this encounter has had on her. Her heart now feels "wonderful," filled with the love and grace of God. She acknowledges her love for God, and it's evident that this newfound faith has brought her peace and joy. Mike, the person who shared the Gospel with Holly, affirms his love for her and her importance in God's eyes. Holly grants permission for the video to be used, underscoring her willingness to share this transformative moment as a testament to the power of faith and grace. This video serves as a beautiful reminder of the life-changing power of the Gospel, showcasing how a simple conversation and a sincere choice can lead to a profound transformation in one's life.


6/5/20191 min read