In this heartfelt video, Mike Barko engages in a profound conversation with Missy and Travis at the Highland County Maple Festival. Together, they explore the path to salvation and discuss their assurance of eternal life. Mike begins by addressing their level of certainty about going to heaven, which is currently at 90-95%. He guides them through a powerful message, illustrating that everyone, including themselves, has sinned and fallen short of God's glory. This conversation leads to the understanding that salvation isn't achieved through one's own efforts but through faith in Jesus Christ. Mike emphasizes the significance of repentance, explaining that it involves not only confessing one's sins but also changing one's mind and transferring trust from self-efforts to the finished work of Christ. The video beautifully captures their realization that the blood of Jesus has already paid for their sins. They explore the importance of trusting in Jesus alone for salvation and recognize that attending church or doing good works won't save them. Instead, they fully surrender to the work of Christ and express their trust in Him. The video concludes with a heartfelt prayer of surrender and trust in Jesus. Missy and Travis affirm their faith and assurance in Jesus Christ, acknowledging that He alone provides the way to eternal life. They express their gratitude for this transformative encounter and grant permission to use the video to share the message of salvation. This video is a moving testament to the power of faith and the transformative impact of Christ's sacrifice on the hearts and lives of believers.


3/20/20171 min read