MILLERD (PART 1 & 2) (2012 06 24) CHURCH

Millerd was 60% sure of eternal life. He had been to both a wican and a mormon church. Millerd thought he had to take a class to become a priest. He did not understood that we are made priests by faith in the shed blood of Jesus Christ. (Rev. 1:5,6) Millerd thought that his 'repentance' would pay for his sins. If a guilty criminal told the judge he was 'sorry', would that pay for his crimes? If the same guilty criminal told the judge he would not commit the crimes anymore, would that pay for his crimes? Certainly not! Both could be likened to bribing the judge. Millerd was trying to pay for his sins instead of trusting Christ's blood payment. By trusting his payment, he was declaring Jesus blood payment as insufficient. The Lord graciously showed Millerd his error, and he trusted Christ to save him.


6/24/20121 min read