Mikey at Ocean City 2023

In this heartwarming video, Mikey shares his profound experience of feeling led by God to encounter Mr. Mike, an inspiring figure who helps him deepen his trust in God and let go of self-doubt. Mikey expresses his gratitude for this transformative meeting and reflects on how it touched his heart. Witness this beautiful conversation as Mikey opens up about his journey towards embracing faith and fully trusting in God's plan. His sincere appreciation for Mr. Mike's guidance and wisdom is evident as he shares his newfound love and appreciation for the divine. In a candid and touching moment, Phoebe joins the conversation to express his gratitude for the enlightening discussion with Mr. Mike. His words resonate with love and appreciation for the message they received. This video serves as a reminder of the importance of trusting in a higher power, and it encourages viewers to reflect on their own spiritual journey and gratitude for divine guidance.


Mike Barko

7/4/20231 min read