MATTHEW 2012 09 14T M F

In this heartwarming video, Mike Barko engages in a conversation with Matthew, sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. With a backdrop of uplifting music, Mike passionately discusses the profound significance of Jesus' sacrifice and resurrection. Mike begins by emphasizing the idea that God was utterly satisfied with Jesus' blood payment for humanity's sins. He poses three essential questions: What if you were convinced that Jesus was going to pay for your sins? How sure would you be of eternal life? And, since God is satisfied, what does that mean for you? Matthew, the listener, responds thoughtfully to these questions, demonstrating his understanding of the message. Mike draws an analogy between the resurrection and a receipt, explaining that it confirms that Jesus' payment for sins has been fully accepted. The video then takes a deeply personal turn as Mike asks Matthew about his assurance of salvation. Matthew confidently asserts his belief in Jesus and the satisfaction of God's payment for his sins. Mike guides Matthew in a simple prayer of faith, where Matthew confesses his sins, believes in Jesus' sacrifice, and thanks Him for saving him and giving him eternal life. The video captures the genuine moment of transformation as Matthew accepts Jesus into his heart. As the video concludes, Mike encourages Matthew to read a particular Bible verse, emphasizing its significance in strengthening his newfound faith. The atmosphere is joyful and filled with positivity as Matthew acknowledges his faith in Jesus and his assurance of eternal life. The video ends with Mike providing his contact information and expressing his readiness to support Matthew on his spiritual journey. In summary, this video showcases a personal and heartfelt conversation between Mike Barko and Matthew, where the gospel message of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ is shared and accepted. It beautifully illustrates the power of faith and the assurance of eternal life through God's grace.


9/14/20121 min read