MARLENA JOSH 2012 09 29B W F

Marlena was 80% sure of eternal life while Josh was 50%. To get to 100%, they both said they needed to 'go to church more', 'stop cussing', and 'change some habits'. To pay God for their sins, Marlena said she would 'ask forgiveness'. Both understood that by trying to pay for their sins, instead of trusting Christ's payment, they were 'not accepting' Christ's payment. After hearing the gospel, surprisingly, both said they were still not 100% sure. They told me that in order to get to 100% sure, they needed to 'go to church.' They understood that this was still 'their payment, and that by trying to make 'their payment', they were saying that Jesus' blood payment 'had not been made'. The light came on for Marlena, both were SATISFIED with Christ's payment, and she said, 'Now I got it." After prayer, Marlena said, "He saved us and my heart feels SATISFIED."


9/29/20121 min read