I had just finished holding the cross on April 12, 2013. As I entered the Shoney's parking lot with my cross, Robin and Mary pulled up in their vehicle, "Sir, my two sons (Mark and Claude), are helping get the rest of your stuff from the median. We saw you and I told them they needed to help you." I was grateful, but I also knew the Lord wanted me to share the gospel with them, which I did. Mark, Claude, and Mary were "80% sure" of eternal life, saying that they needed to be 'a better person' to get to 100% sure. I shared the gospel with them, they saw the truth, and understood that by THEM TRYING TO PAY for their sins by "BEING A BETTER PERSON" they were saying that CHRIST'S BLOOD PAYMENT was "NOT GOOD ENOUGH". They professed CHRIST ALONE, prayed, and said: "HE SAVED ME."


4/12/20131 min read