In this video captured by Mike Barko at the NC State Fair, we witness a heartfelt conversation with Marcus about his encounter with the Gospel of Christ. Mike starts by inviting Marcus to share his thoughts, and Marcus begins by reflecting on what God did for him in the past week. Although the details aren't mentioned explicitly, it's clear that something significant transpired during that time frame. When asked about how he's been doing since their previous conversation, Marcus mentions that he has been reading the New Testament, a book given to him by Mike. This simple act of reading and seeking to know Christ has evidently had a positive impact on him. Marcus describes how this experience makes his heart feel "good," indicating that he is experiencing a sense of peace, contentment, or joy through his newfound connection with Christ. Mike reinforces the importance of trusting in God, emphasizing the significance of this faith-based transformation that Marcus is undergoing. It's a beautiful illustration of how a genuine encounter with the Gospel can lead to a positive change in one's life. The video concludes with Mike expressing his love for Marcus, affirming that God is love, and seeking permission to use the video, which Marcus grants wholeheartedly. This video serves as a reminder of the transformative power of faith and the positive impact of sharing the Gospel with others, even in the midst of a bustling state fair.


10/28/20191 min read