Before hearing the gospel, Lianette, Marie, Alex, and Jose were all unsure of eternal life. Guzman professed to be 100% sure, because of 'faith in God'. What exactly does this mean? I don't know. Has he trusted Christ, or does he just 'believe in God'. Anytime the answer is ambiguous, always assume the person is not saved and share the gospel. Part way through the presentation, I asked them how they were going to pay for their sins. They told me two things: admit and repent. Admitting and repenting are good, and God wants you to admit and repent, but admitting and repenting does not pay for our sins. Imagine a guitly murderer admitting to the judge that he committed murder. Would that pay? Certainly not! What if he said he was sorry and that he would change. Would that pay? Certainly not! God wants us to admit we have sinned and he wants us to repent, but those two things do not pay for our sins. Trusting in those things does not pay for our sins. After using the dessert illustration, they all understood that by trusting their own payment, they were telling God that Jesus' blood payment 'wasn't worth it'. None wanted to do this. I used the resurrection to help them transfer their trust from their payment to Christ's payment alone. After hearing the gospel, all professed faith in Christ at 100% assurance of salvation because Jesus paid for their sins and the resurrection proved that his blood was enough. After prayer, they shared that Jesus came into their hearts. The Holy Spirit then showed them through John 6:47 that they had eternal life right now because of their belief in Christ. "Most assuredly I say unto you, whoever believes in me has everlasting life". They understood that the 'me' in this verse was not them, but Christ. The reason they were less than 100% sure of eternal life was because they were trusting their payment, instead of Christ's payment. The reason they had 100% assurance now of everlasting life was because they had transfered their trust from their own payment to Christ's payment alone. PRAISE HIS HOLY NAME!!


7/29/20121 min read