In this heartfelt video, Mike Barko engages in a touching conversation with Leslie Wheeler in the heart of downtown Harrisonburg, Virginia. Leslie opens up about her life journey, which has been marked by challenges and a deep sense of personal transformation. Leslie reflects on the inner turmoil she had been carrying—a burden of hatred and an inability to forgive, not only others but also herself. She shares her experience of feeling more like a friend than a mother to her son, acknowledging her past mistakes. Leslie further reveals that she had spent a total of six and a half years incarcerated, recognizing the need for a change in her life. Amidst her struggles, Leslie recollects the wisdom imparted by her late grandfather: "Write your plans in pencil and hand God the eraser." These words had a profound impact on her perspective, emphasizing the idea that if something is not meant to be, God has the power to change it. In the midst of her journey, Leslie encounters the message of Christ's blood sacrifice, a revelation that profoundly affects her. She realizes that this sacrifice was precisely what she needed in her life. Overwhelmed with love and gratitude, Leslie acknowledges the transformation that Christ's sacrifice has brought into her life. When asked about her assurance of going to heaven, Leslie confidently responds with 100%. She attributes this certainty to God's sacrifice and grace. The video concludes with Leslie granting permission to use her testimony, reflecting on the message from Pastor Kerry that "God is love, and you are loved." It's a touching testament to the power of faith and the profound impact of Christ's sacrifice on a person's heart and life. Leslie's story reminds us that forgiveness, transformation, and redemption are available to all through God's boundless love and grace.


6/20/20181 min read