KEVIN VID20130522)C.S.

KEVIN ACTUALLY SAT DOWN ON THE GROUND, INDIAN-STYLE, RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME! This young man was VERY INTERESTED in the gospel. In fact when I shared how his LUST = ADULTERY and his HATRED = MURDER, you could REALLY SEE THE CONCERN come into his eyes: "Wow. I didn't know that....Wow. I didn't know that." So I explained that the penalty for his sins was hell. I then asked if that was a concern to Kevin? "YES. VERY MUCH SO!" As usual, Kevin was TRYING TO PAY for his sins with HIS WORKS, instead of TRUSTING CHRIST'S BLOOD. I explained the difference to him and showed him how the resurrection receipt said, "PAID IN FULL!". Kevin understood the gospel, and professed Christ alone. MIKE: "Would you like to tell God that you believe that?" KEVIN: "Yes." MIKE: "Will you step off the throne, and let Christ on the throne of your heart?" KEVIN: "Yes." So, we prayed. After we prayed, here is what happened. IN ALL THE YEARS OF SHARING THE GOSPEL, I HAVE NEVER SEEN THIS RESPONSE: KEVIN OPENED HIS EYES AND BEGAN TO ROTATE HIS HEAD IN ALL DIFFERENT DIRECTIONS, MOUTH WIDE OPEN, TRYING TO TAKE IT ALL IN.....HE SAID....."WOW....WOW....THIS IS AMAZING!" I was reminded of the scene in the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, when the children first step into the wardrobe, LOOKING AROUND AT THE ENTIRELY NEW WORLD THEY ARE NOW EXPERIENCING! THANK YOU LORD! MIKE: "Kevin, what just happened to you? How do you feel?" KEVIN: "HE CAME INTO MY HEART. I REPENTED. HE FILLED ME WITH HIS PEACE AND LOVE."


5/22/20131 min read