In this heartfelt video captured by Mike Barko at Ocean City, Maryland, we witness a touching encounter with two young souls, Kayla and Zaylee. Zaylee, a young girl, speaks up first, sharing her story with courage and vulnerability. She explains that she came over with a lot on her mind, including job struggles and her parents' ongoing conflicts. Her sister, Kayla, helped her find the strength to approach Mike, which is commendable in itself. As they engage in conversation, Zaylee expresses that talking about her struggles and faith has brought her hope and made her feel good. Mike gently guides her through questions about her trust, and she acknowledges that she was trusting in herself before but has now placed her trust in God. This pivotal shift in faith is a source of newfound hope for her. Mike encourages Zaylee to get closer to God, strengthen her relationship with Him through reading the Bible and attending church. He reassures her that God will never leave or hurt her, even when people may hurt her in life. Mike takes a moment to address Kayla, expressing his love and support for them both. He encourages Zaylee to reach out if she ever needs someone to talk to, referring to himself as a "little pops" or a big brother. The video ends with Mike's final words of love and assurance, reminding the young girls that he loves them and is there to support them. He seeks their permission to use the video, which they kindly grant. This touching video captures the power of a compassionate conversation and the importance of offering support and guidance to those in need. It also underscores the significance of trusting in God during challenging times and finding hope in Him.


8/18/20201 min read