KATIE (VID_20130326)J.M.U.

"I WILL DO MORE COMMUNITY SERVICE!" Katie was 99% sure of eternal life, thinking that by "DOING COMMUNITY SERVICE" she could get to 100%. What does this tell you? She is TRUSTING IN HER WORKS. So I used the dessert illustration to show her this: "Katie, suppose I buy your favorite dessert, FULLY PAID FOR BY ME. I GIVE IT TO YOU AS A GIFT. You would not pay for it because........" She responded, "Because it was A GIFT". "Yes, Katie. Now here is my point. If YOU TRIED TO PAY FOR IT, what would you be SAYING ABOUT MY PAYMENT?" She said, "That it was NOT GOOD ENOUGH." I then explained to her that Christ's blood had ALREADY PAID FOR HER SINS. Unfortunately, she was still trying to pay, and by her trying to pay, she was saying that 'CHRIST'S BLOOD PAYMENT WAS NOT GOOD ENOUGH'. Katie saw the truth this day and professed Christ alone. After prayer, she said: "I FEEL HE SAVED ME. MY HEART FEELS LIGHTER."


3/26/20131 min read