KATHY 2012 06 10 PORCH

In this video, Mike Barko shares the gospel of Jesus Christ with Kathy. They start by discussing a bracelet with different colors, each representing different aspects of the Christian faith. They explore Kathy's beliefs and understanding of salvation: 1. Green - Represents the streets of gold in heaven, and Kathy is 90% sure she would go to heaven if she were to die today. 2. Yellow (formerly gold) - Kathy acknowledges that she's trying to live for the Lord, focusing on doing what He wants. 3. Black - Represents sin, and they discuss instances of lying and lust in Kathy's life. 4. Red - Symbolizes Jesus's blood, which paid for the sins of humanity. Mike explains that Jesus's blood has already paid for Kathy's sins and encourages her to stop trying to pay for them through her actions. He emphasizes the importance of faith in Jesus's payment and the resurrection as a receipt of that payment. Mike leads Kathy through a series of questions to help her understand that she doesn't need to try to pay for her sins because Jesus has already paid for them. Kathy eventually expresses her belief in Jesus's payment for her sins. The video concludes with Kathy expressing her 100% certainty of going to heaven based on her faith in Jesus's blood as the payment for her sins. Overall, the video is a conversation between Mike Barko and Kathy, highlighting the Christian message of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ and His atonement for sins.


6/10/20121 min read